Night Of 1,000 Dollies

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Jenna and the Joneses kick the night off with some of their original music. The party, which drew several hundred audience members, raised more than $300 for the Knox County Chapter of Dolly's Imagination Library, meaning enough money for 11 children to have books delivered to them for a year.

Host Christopher Hamblin and his mother, Patty Dunn, who earns applause for her cleavage.

Hamblin awards a prize to the fan who was present and traveled the farthest, in this gentleman's case from the Adirondacks in upstate New York.

Local drag legend Angel Collins gives a fan a facefull while lip-synching “Here You Come Again.”

Christian Horn of Hudson K offers a stunning, angst-ridden interpretation of “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind,” which Hamblin had asked her to perform as if it were Dolly’s version of the scorned lover hit “You Ought To Know.”

The women of White Lightning Burlesque troupe take the place of the Whorehouse girls for “A Little Bitty Pissant Country Place” as mimed by Angel Collins.

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