Gold Award Girl Scouts

Images are copyright 2007 T. Duane Gordon/ May not be reproduced without prior written consent.

Carly Miller of Farragut

Kelsey Owens of Sevier County

Megan Parris of Farragut

Elizabeth Ryan of Cattanooga

Samantha Sen of Oak Ridge

Sarah Joy Stombo of Farragut

Tiffany Torres of Morristown

Jare'asa Turner of Farragut

Lindsay Wilson of Oak Ridge

Kristen Womack of Knoxville

Not pictured are Gold Award recipients Alison Abercrombie of Farragut, Abby Booth of Knoxville, Amelia Grubbs of South Knoxville, Rebecca Pullen of Farragut, Allison Terry of Fountain City and Megan Williamson of Chattanooga.

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