Put Dolly Back Together Again

Download this free puzzle, exlusively from Dollymania!

Puzzle developed by Bob Seguin

Hobby programmer Bob Seguin has developed this great puzzle featuring Dolly. Her smiling face is jumbled into squares, and you click on each square to put her back together in the right order. Trust me, it's fun! Thanks, Bob, for coming up with this!

Click here to download the self-extracting zip file. When completed, your computer may ask you to install it (click install). Your computer will likely save it to your My Download Files directory (but you can choose another directory if you wish). You may extract the files two ways on most computers. First, click on your Start task bar, choose Run, and type in "C:\My Download Files\dpp.exe" (or "C:\whatever file you saved it to\dpp.exe." Alternately, you could access the actual folder where you saved it and double click on the "dpp" icon which will now appear in the folder.