Dolly's Media Q&A

Following her performance Friday of "We Irish," "Barbara Allen" and "I Will Always Love You" and after watching the Irish group Ragus perform as well, Dolly took questions from the media.

Q. First of all, you look beautiful. One of my favorite songs and I just don't know what it is. What's a muleskinner?
Dolly: A muleskinner? What's a muleskinner? Back, I guess it's back when used to do a lot of work and they had teams of mules that used to pull all the stuff out, logging. There were different things they used to do and people were called muleskinners that helped, you know, pull that stuff around. I'm not certain all the stuff. I'm not even sure what a 20 Mule Team Borax is. But I'll find out, but I'm sure that it's about the mule teams they had out on the jobs doing all their dirty work back when. OK?

Q. Very unusual to see this much religious themes in the park. Did you have a part in that? Could you elaborate on that a little bit about the Southern Music Gospel Hall of Fame?
Dolly: Well, we really were very excited when we got to have the opportunity to have the Southern Gospel Museum here because they didn't have one and we thought how honored, how honored we would be to have that here. But we do have a lot of gospel music in the park, before we actually had the gospel music museum. So we're just very proud of that. And we just feel like it's all about God and country, anyway. I grew up religious. My grandpaw was a Pentecostal preacher, so religion was always a big part of us growing up. And even though I'm not all that religious, I'm definitely very spiritual, so I love to sing gospel music. And, yeah, I had a part in it.

(A reporter claims to hail from the Moonshine Capital of the World.)
Dolly: Yeah, you think you are! We have a lot here. You ain't tasted some of our moonshine! Come on back to the bus later and we'll talk about it. After I just said how religious I am! But remember, I was singing about the Irish and that He just loves us as we are. Ok, go ahead.
Q. Would you share a taste after the show?
Dolly: Sure. Why not. Alright, did you have a question , or you just telling me about your moonshine?
Q. That was it.
Dolly: That was it? OK, alright. Well.

Q. What I wanted to ask you, that you are so well-rounded as an entertainer . . .
Dolly: (poses) Everyone's been saying! (laughs)
Q. What I wanted to know, what is it you want, besides riding Thunderhead, what do you plan to do that you haven't done?
Dolly: Well, I plan to hopefully do a whole lot more of the same type of stuff we're doing as far as the park goes. We want to continue to add new stuff every year and just do better what we do. The same with my career. I hope to write better, sing better. I'd love to do a children's show that comes from Dollywood. I'm hoping to do that in sometime in the, you know, next two years, one, two years. As soon as we get it together, in other words. And I'd like to have a line of cosmetics, and a line of frozen foods. Lord, I ain't nearly done yet! See, I lost weight, but inside of me there's a hog trying to get out. So I wanna cook. I wanna cook for somebody if I can't eat it myself. But I really have a whole lot of things I'd like to do, but thank you for asking. But I've been at it a long time. Thanks to folks like you, I've been able to enjoy a lot of success and hope I can stay around for a long, long time. Thank you.

(A reporter introduces herself as Nicole Parton from "Nicole Live TV" in Chattanooga.)
Dolly: Well, nice to see, did you say Parton?
Q: Yes, I did.
Dolly: Are you kin to me?
Q: I hope so.
Dolly: (laughs) Well, are you really?
Q: I really am a Parton.
Dolly: Oh, okay. Whose Parton are you? Who's your daddy?
Q: My daddy's Russell Parton.
Dolly: Russell Parton. OK. Well, anyway, nice to have you.
Q: Thank you. My question is this: You are by far the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. If you had one beauty tip to give the women of America, what would it be?
Dolly: I'd say stick with these Partons. They got the best bleach, the best make-up, the best doctors. (Laughs.) That's nice of you. Think you only said that 'cause you're a Parton complimenting me like that. Anyway, nice to see you. I'd like to know about your folks. I try to keep up with all the family.

Q. I'm John Holiday from "PBS Kids". Was this a dream of yours to create a park for kids as a kid yourself?
Dolly: Yes it was. That's a good question. I had always dreamed about being a star first of all. Then I dreamed that if I got to be a star that I'd be able to have a park, a place where my folks could be proud of me for doing something good in the area, but also to have a place where kids could come enjoy themselves. Not only the kids, but their mom and dad. And we've just done really well. This is our 19th season, and we're just getting bigger and better every year. But it was a dream. But I dream new dreams every year, so who knows what's going to happen next year. Come back and see us, OK? And we'll let you know.

(A radio reporter asks a question.)
Q. You mentioned a moment ago about possibly doing a children's show. Would that be for television? Would possibly that be for radio? And what would the show entail?

Dolly: Well, it, it would be for television, mainly, I'm sure. If we do it well, it could probably play around different, you know, different, be good on the radio, too. But we're going to do it from the park and we just wanted to, where we had children involved, where we have some principles and values, learn new things and just, just, a lot of fun. 'Cause I love kids, and I never had any of my own, but I'm from a family of 12 and I'm very close to my nieces and nephews. And I just kinda have a child-like spirit. I just always thought that I would love to do a children's show. So it's, it'll have something of everything that's worthwhile, hopefully, and be fun.

Q. I was just curious if you're looking forward to the Flame Worthy Awards in April?
Dolly: Well, I am, as a matter of fact. I'm glad you brought that up. They asked me to do it a few times, and I never was able to work it out with my schedule. And they asked me last year in time so I, you know, couldn't say no 'cause it looks like a lot of fun to do. And we're looking forward to that. I'm going to get to sing a song, get to see a lot of my friends, and who knows what's liable to happen. It is live, and I'm kinda dangerous under those conditions. I'm kinda scared, but I'm looking forward to it, and I hope you'll watch.

Q. I read an article just recently that "American Idol" was interested in using "I Will Always Love You." I know it's gone global for you twice, for Whitney. Is there any reason that you would like to comment publicly why you're, the article was that you're not allowing it to be sung on the show.
Dolly: To be sung on the show?
Q. On "American Idol." That's what I've read.
Dolly: I doubt that. I'll do anything for money! I'm sure they'd have to pay me! (Laughs) I don't know anything about that. I doubt it very seriously, though. 'Cause people sing it all over the world. Even Saddam had it over there as his theme song. You'd think I'd be more kinda upset about that, but, no, I'm sure that's not true.

Q. If you had your 50s theme when you turned 50, what are you going to do when you turn 60?
Dolly: Lord, I, no telling. I'll probably just have another facelift, boob job, or something. More Botox or collagen -- I'll never graduate from collagen. But I don't know what I'll do. We'll just have to wait and see. That's 20 years from now!

Hey, listen everybody. Thank you for coming. I hope you can stay around all weekend and have a good time.