Opening Weekend 2002

All images are 2002 by the respective photographers and available exclusively on Dollymania. Used with permission.

Hartman Holliman sent in one of Dolly in her parade and a few from her visit with a friend during her Make-A-Wish (see April 12 news update for story) session here!

Chris Dossenbach submitted some amazing pictures of Dolly in the grand opening parade and performing here!

Reader Greg K. submitted a wonderful group of photos from the grand opening, including Dolly in concert and at her parade. View them here!

Harrell Gabehart sent in his great shots of Dolly during her parade as well as of the interior of her new museum. See his pictures here!

Debbie Poole e-mailed her awesome collection of shots of Dolly throughout the park, in concert and in the parade. Take a look at them here!