Win Tickets To 'Night Of 1,000 Dollies'!

The Winners!

  • Jonathan Robinson
  • Randy Trout

    The Contest!

    Are you planning to enjoy the "Night Of 1,000 Dollies" party April 14 in Knoxville? Want to come without paying the $10 admission ($8 for those dressed in Dolly or Dolly-related costume)? Well, thanks to the party organizers and Dollymania, you had a chance to come for free! All you had to do was answer three Dolly trivia questions and supply your name and e-mail address. Two winners were randomly selected from those entries which correctly answered the three questions below. Each winner received compilmentary tickets for two people to attend.

    The party, which takes place at 10 p.m. that Saturday night at the World Grotto in Knoxville's Market Square, will feature many Dolly impersonators competing for prizes and performances of Dolly songs by Jenna and the Joneses, Christina Horn, mezzo-soprano Candra Marshall and Dolly's niece Rebecca Seaver, among others, plus some appearances by some other members of "Dolly kin." There will be a silent auction of donated Dolly items to benefit the Knox County chapter of her Imagination Library. A related exhibit of art devoted to Dolly remains up for the month. Learn more about the event here.

    The contest has ended. Please do not send in an entry. Thanks!

    The Questions

    Here are the questions asked of readers to enter, and the answers:

    1. On what date was the statue of Dolly dedicated on the lawn of the Sevier County Courthouse?
    May 3, 1987

    2. When Dolly recorded her first song, “Puppy Love,” she had a childhood romance with the studio manager’s son. What was the name of the boy who kissed her?
    Johnny Shuler

    3. What Dolly album went gold in England in 1978?
    Both Sides of Dolly Parton

    The Rules

    Contestants were asked to e-mail their name, e-mail address, and question answers to enter the contest before midnight Eastern the morning of April 9, 2007 (11 p.m. Central the night of April 8). Two randomly-selected entries from those who correctly answer the trivia questions won admission for two and were revealed on the site in the update posted the evening of April 8. Odds of winning depended on the total number of entries submitted. By entering, you are granting permission for your name and hometown to be published on Dollymania should you win. As federal law requires those submitting information over the Internet to be at least 13 years of age, anyone sending an entry is attesting that he or she is above that minimum age requirement. Limit one entry per person and one entry per e-mail address. Duplicate entries will be discarded. The winner will be notified of the prize selection via e-mail. Entries which do not include all required information will be discarded. Dollymania and Night Of 1,000 Dollies are not responsible for entries which become lost in cyberspace. All entries become the property of Dollymania at the time of entry. Void where prohibited.

    Special thanks to Christopher and the gang at Night Of 1,000 Dollies for making this contest possible!