Win A CD From Dollymania!

And The Winner Is . . .
Ren Guardiano of Lynnwood, Wash.

The reason he gave that he loves Dolly is: "First off, I am not a country music fan. I grew up in the 70s with pop music. Then Dolly hit pop in the late 70s and introduced me to her style. I instantly became a fan. Her plan to take country wherever she went, certainly worked for me. Because of her, she broadened my taste in music. I am still not a country fan, but I'm certainly a Dolly fan. I watched her grow in music, then TV, then movies, and then superstardom. She has influenced my life with believing in myself, and pursuing my dreams. To think that Dolly has made it with persistence, good marketing skills, and personality - is a great way to keep things in perspective. She is a shrewd business person that I try to emulate. Her music style is completely untouchable. I love her diversity in styles - I mean, what other artist can sing a pop song like 'Savin' It For You', and then go to the other side of the spectrum with a tender song like 'Little Sparrow'? With either song - you still picture DOLLY. Different mood, but the same larger-than-life person! From a personal standpoint, I hope she continues with dance music and pop music. That's my preference! No matter what - I'll still be there for Dolly." Congratulations! Thanks to all who entered, and keep checking here and the news page to learn what contests will be coming up!

Note, the contest is over. Please DO NOT send in any entries. The information below is provided for historical and informational purposes only. Thank you.

What's Going On

Dollymania is giving away one copy of Hank Locklin's new CD, Generations In Song, which features Dolly harmonies on Locklin's classic "Send Me The Pillow You Dream On" and a photo in the liner notes of the two artists recording the tune!

Why I'm Doing It

Well, first, to show my appreciation for the thousands of loyal readers who visit Dollymania each week. Also, because I have an extra copy of the CD. It was released on a small, independent label and is not available in most stores, so I mail-ordered it. My copy apparently got lost in the mail, and it took weeks and weeks of harassing the store (which I will not name) before they agreed to send another one out. In the meantime, I bid on one at ebay. Well, wouldn't you know, I won the ebay auction just a couple of days before the store shipped out another copy to me in the mail. So, with an extra copy of the CD, I've decided to give it away. If you don't yet have this album, enter to win.

The Rules

One entry will be randomly selected as the winner. By entering, you are granting permission for your name, hometown and reason you adore Miss Dolly to be published on Dollymania. If your reason is real creative or heartfelt, you might just see it published during the contest period before a winner is announced. Entries will be accepted from Aug. 1, 2001, through 5 p.m. Central time Aug. 16, 2001. The winner's name will be published on the Dollymania news update dated Aug. 17 (which will be posted the evening of Aug. 16), at which time the CD will be mailed to you. Entries which do not include all required information will be discarded. Dollymania is not responsible for entries which become lost in cyberspace (or if the postal service loses your copy of the CD!). All entries become the property of Dollymania and Duane Gordon at the time of entry. This contest is not associated with Dolly Parton, Dollywood, Dolly Parton Enterprises, Hank Locklin or Coldwater Records. Limit one entry per person. Void where prohibited. And all that jazz. Good luck!