Dolly Parton

January 26, 2004

A Note to my Fans,

Hello, how are you?

Many of you have been asking if I am going to tour this year and why I didn't tour last fall as I had planned to. Last fall when I was planning to go out for a few dates, for marketing purposes my record label decided to put two CD's out at the same time to have them available for the Christmas buying public. Those two CD's, as you know, were the tribute album of songs I had written called "Just Because I'm A Woman" and my patriotic CD "For God and Country". I needed to do lots of publicity on both CD's…television, newspaper and magazine interviews as well as other types of publicity such as visiting military bases, etc. We all agreed that it was just going to be too much for me to try and do it all and I didn't want to have to cancel any concerts. So that's what happened there.

I am now getting ready to introduce a new video and the first single, "Welcome Home", from the "For God and Country" CD and to do more publicity on that CD. I am going to really be promoting that CD this year, in addition to hoping the tribute album still sells. There's going to be a few singles to come out from the "For God and Country" CD. So I doubt that I will be touring for a while.

Additionally, I do not plan to do my regular concert at Dollywood in 2004 for the Dollywood Foundation. However, I do hope to do some concerts in the future. I will keep you posted. I'm also planning to write and record some this year. And I do hope to see you at different functions at Dollywood throughout the season.

I hope this clears up some of your questions. I hate to leave you in the dark. Thank you for loving me. And you know that…

I will always love you,