Dolly In St. Louis

Robyn writes: I saw Dolly last night (8-28) we stood right at the stage front row. When she walked out it was so weird because she is so much more beautiful in person. Her photos don't do her justice at all. I even overheard a lady say, "she's so little." The concert went the same way it did in New Orleans. Except she didn't play "I'll always love you" last this time. The guys next to us had the pig masks too. She said, "how'd you all know I was gonna say that." People by us yelled things like, "I love you", "Dolly you rock" and "you're beautiful Dolly!" I read this all on here before I went, so it was like deja vu. When it got quite while she was talking at one point, a bartender shattered a bunch of bottles, and dolly said, " sounds like somebody's breaking something, I thought I dropped my ring." Then while singing, she looked down at all of us, just at her feet, smiled sweetly and waved. This was really weird, we were so close to her you could smell her perfume. She played her harmonica, and when she waved her hips around in a circle everyone went crazy. There were mostly gay men and older folks, I think I was one of the few females in their twentys there. Seeing her stunning smile and hearing her southern/angelic voice, that makes you melt, was everything I hoped it would be. If she ever sees this, I'd like to thank her for giving us the pleasure of her presence here in St. Louis, she's a total sweetheart.

Teresa writes: Dolly is the Best of the Best and did not let anyone down, she did a show that had something for everyone from the 4-year old little cowboy beside me to the 80+ gentleman & lady behind us. The location left a lot to be desired from a country girl going to the big city. Dolly made it all worth the trip.

Shawn Carney writes: Just wanted to drop a line to say Dolly was phenomenal in St. Louis. She looked as gorgeous as ever. The crowd was as enthusiastic for the first song as the last, Dolly commented three times on how rowdy the crowd was. St. Louis gave the respect the queen of country deserved

Dolly wowed them again with her St. Louis concert Wednesday night, I'm told. Melissa Preusser writes that Dolly was "amazing." She changed up the set list a little to perform "I Will Always Love You" before her medley of songs and closed with "Try." Wearing an off-white pair of Capri pattern pants and a beaded suit-like top of the same pattern, Dolly amazed the crowd, which sang along to several songs. She also sported a shoulder-length "flippy" wig and "looked great!"