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Facts And History

Dollymania was started in the fall of 1996 as part of the personal website of lifelong Dolly Parton fan T. Duane Gordon, separating into its own site in the fall of 1998. Mr. Gordon's training is in journalism, and he holds a degree in the field from Mississippi State University. At the time the site was launched, he was a newspaper editor and had won several awards for reporting. Consequently, the site is approached with a journalist's eye and voice. Today, he works as CEO of a non-profit grantmaking charitable foundation.

The site averages 30,000-40,000 visitors each month and features the world's only daily updated Dolly Parton news page (here), the only published list of every song she has released, the largest published collections of exclusive Dolly Parton photographs anywhere (in galleries here with more than 10,000 individual images), and a great deal of historical data on her career.

The site has been heralded by national magazine The Advocate as "the ultimate compilation of facts, figures and charts about Dolly Parton" and by Gannett newspapers as a "great site that includes exhaustive FAQs about her life and career, big photo galleries and a page for collectors of Dolly memorabilia."

Mr. Gordon and the site have been provided full media credentials and press access for numerous events over the years featuring Dolly Parton from organizations including Dollywood, Sugar Hill Records, the Opryland Hotel, Entertainment For Education, House Of Blues, MerleFest and A. Brown-Olmstead Associates.

To Use Information From Or Reprint Dollymania Reports

Most stories posted on the Dollymania news page come from other media sources and are cited as such. As best practice, use of information from these reports should cite the original source publication instead of this website. However, the frequent originally-generated stories, whether identified by a note of authorship or lack of citation of a second-party source, are copyrighted materials and may not be reprinted or re-posted without the expressed, written consent of T. Duane Gordon/ In accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine of the Copyright Act of 1976 (17 USCS 110[5]), original news items reported here may be repeated in other media without further permission so long as they are not quoted at length or verbatim and the source of is properly cited. Reports and information gathered from the site have been used in numerous other media outlets, ranging from the Times Picayune in New Orleans and the British news service Anonova to CNN's Larry King Live, CMT, the U.S. Library of Congress and even Dolly Parton's official tour book. Mr. Gordon also writes the weekly "Dolly column" in The Seymour Herald, a daily newspaper in Dolly Parton's home county, Sevier County, Tenn. Numerous media outlets have made factual corrections to their stories over the years once an error was pointed out by Mr. Gordon. To seek permission to reprint articles from the site, please contact Mr. Gordon here.

To Use Or Reprint Photographs From Dollymania

All original photographs published on the site are copyrighted and may not be reproduced, published, posted or re-printed in any form without prior written consent of the copyright owner. For photographs taken by T. Duane Gordon, the copyright is held by T. Duane Gordon/ If you wish to use one of his photographs from the site for publication in any form, please contact Mr. Gordon here to seek permission. His Dolly photographs have appeared in publications ranging from other Web sites to newspapers and magazines. If you wish to utilize original images by other photographers which have been published on Dollymania with the copyright holders' permission, please contact those photographers directly.

Services For The Press

The position of operating the site and the data which Mr. Gordon has researched and compiled over the years have resulted in him being considered one of the world's foremost experts on Dolly Parton, which allows him to offer numerous services to other members of the press, including:

  • Fact Checking: Numerous articles published on Dolly Parton contain factual errors. Much of the correct information may be found in the various files on the Web site. Or to take advantage of Mr. Gordon's knowledge on Dolly Parton, her life, career and music to review articles for factual errors in reporting, please contact him here.
  • Expert Comments: Mr. Gordon's commentary as a Dolly Parton expert has been utilized in several published articles over the years. If you wish to ask him for a quote or comment or to schedule an interview, please contact him here.
  • Article Writing: If you wish to commission Mr. Gordon to compose an article about Dolly Parton for your publication, please contact him here.